Friday, September 16, 2005

Indonesian Volcano Update

Updates for the week 5-11 September.
Merapi volcano is in level 2 alert (4 is highest). Visual observations recorded thick grey-white emissions 100m above the summit. 50 eruption earthquakes were recorded.
Talang volcano is in level 2 alert. Emissions from the main and south craters reached 1km above the summit.
Anak Krakatau remains at level 2 alert. Volcanic B earthquakes increased to 173. No explosions were recorded.
Papandayan volcano is in level 2 alert. Volcanic earthquakes decreased to 105.
Semeru volcano remains in alert level 2. Visual observation show grey emissions to 600m above the summit. 884 eruptions were recorded during the week. Volcanic tremor decreased to 72.
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