Sunday, December 05, 2010

Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador - John Seach

At 8:30 am on 4th December (local time) there was a rapid increase in seismic activity at Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador. Explosions sent ash 2 km above the crater. The sound of explosions were heard at Puyo. At 9:38 am local time, pyroclastic flows were observed on the western flank of the volcano. At 9:46 am pyroclastic flows descended Vazc├║n gorge. Windows rattled in Guadalupe, located 14 kilometres from the volcano, and in Patate. At 10:30 (local time) several pyroclastic flows continued to flow down several drainages on the western side of the volcano (Mandur, Choglontus, La Rea). At 1:30 pm pyroclastic flows continued down some drainages on the western side of the volcano. Ashfall was reported in Pondoa and Patate. This type of eruption was unexpected in the open vent system of the volcano. From 13:45 (local time), the eruption showed a decline in intensity. A constant emission column with moderate to high ash content, reached a height of about 3 kilometres above the crater and drifted east. A pyroclastic flow was generated at approximately 14h04 (local time) and traveled about 2 miles from the crater. Shallow seismic activity continued to decline in the afternoon. At 18:17 (local time), a loud explosion heard in several nearby villages.
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