Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kurikoma Volcano, Japan - John Seach

Hot volcanic plumes have been observed at Kurikoma Volcano in Japan. Aerial observations from a helicopter showed plumes were rising from several locations, about seven kilometers southwest of the summit of the volcano. Volcanic gases were possibly released after the magnitude 6.8 earthquake which hit 20 NW of the volcano three days ago.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Japan Earthquake, 14th June 2008, magnitude 6.8 - John Seach

A large earthquake (Magnitude 6.8) hit northern Honshu, Japan, today at 08:43 am, local time. The epicentre was 100 km NNW of the city of Sendai, and the focus was at a depth of 10 km. Volcanoes close to the epicentre include, Kurikoma, Onikobe, Narugo, and Chokai. Kurikoma volcano is located 20 km SE of the epicentre, and last erupted in 1950.
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Chaitén Volcano, Chile - John Seach

Renewed strong eruptions have occurred at Chaitén volcano in Chile. On 12th June there were gas emissions and pyroclastic flows from the south side of the volcanic dome. Two new craters have formed at the volcano. Seismic activity increased on 12th June. The majority of earthquakes were smaller than magnitude 2, and were located under the volcano. Two larger earthquakes were located 5 km NE of the volcano.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mt Etna Volcano, Italy - John Seach

An increase in activity was reported at Mt Etna volcano on Monday evening. Explosive activity and lava flows occurred at the fracture at 2800 m elevation. Lava flowed into the Valle del Bove. Explosions were heard at nearby villages.
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Chaitén Volcano, Chile - John Seach

Eruptions continue at Chaitén volcano in Chile. The dome is growing fast. Explosive activity and eruptions of ash has decreased. Eruption column is below 3 km elevation, and is accompanied by abundant water vapour. Heavy rain continues to create a lahar hazard. Seismic activity is gradually decreasing.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Soputan Volcano, Indonesia - John Seach

Soputan volcano in Indonesia erupted yesterday. At 10 am (local time) on 6th June, pyroclastic flows were recorded extending 4 km from the summit, and ash emissions reached 2 km above the volcano. Since March 2008 there has been an increase in ground temperatures and elevated seismicity at the volcano. During May there were 2 volcanic earthquakes per day. On 6th June there were 6 volcanic earthquakes, and volcanic tremor was recorded. During the rainy season, phreatic eruptions are possible from the hot lava dome. The closest inhabitants are 8 km from the peak. There is a camping ground 3-4 km from the summit which is in the danger zone. The alert status at Soputan volcano was increased to level 3 (out of maximum 4) on 6th June. A 6 km exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano. Climbing the volcano is not permitted, and the camping ground is closed. Residents should be alert for lahars in the rivers such as Ranowangko, Pentu, Lawian, and Popang.
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Chaitén Volcano, Chile - John Seach

On 2nd June the eruption column from Chaitén volcano reached 3 km altitude. Pumice has reached the beaches on the eastern side of Chiloé Island, 60 km west of the volcano. The pumice was transported down the Yelcho, Negro and Chaitén rivers and has a maximum diameter of 40 cm. Seismic activity is still being recorded at the volcano.
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mt Etna Volcano, Italy - John Seach

Lava flows continue at Mt Etna volcano in Italy. Eruptive activity began three weeks ago, with a fracture forming between 2620 m and 3050 m elevation. The fracture is 1.3 km long, and contains several craters which were formed by explosive activity. Explosions are still occurring and send projectiles to a height of 20 m. Lava continues to erupt from a vent at 2750 m altitude, and flows into the Valle del Bove.
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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dukono Volcano, Indonesia - John Seach

Dukono Volcano in Indonesia was upgraded to level 3 alert (out of maximum 4) on 30th May 2008. Volcanic explosion earthquakes increased from 32/day to 280/day between April and May 2008. On 25th May, ash emissions reached 800 m above the crater, and booming noises were heard coming from the summit. Ash emissions reached 1000 m above the summit on 29th May. Residents close to the volcano are warned to be alert for ashfall. A 3 km exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano. The volcano was on alert level 2 between January 2002 and May 2008.
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