Monday, May 28, 2007

Bulusan Volcano, Philippines - John Seach

Volcanic earthquakes continue to be recorded at Bulusan volcano in Philippines. Residents of Irosin town in Sorsogon province have reported smelling sulphur. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has measured a bulging on the south of the volcano indicating magma movement. The alert status at the volcano was raised to level 2 due to continued unrest at the volcano. People are warned not to enter the 4 km permanent danger zone and be alert for lahars during heavy rain.
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Kliuchevskoi Volcano, Russia - John Seach

An ash column from Kliuchevskoi volcano in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia reached 9 km altitude yesterday. Incandescence was visible above the summit at night. Hot volcanic bombs were ejected 500 m above the crater every 5-10 seconds. There are several lava flows descending the volcano, with the longest reaching 3000 m above sea level. The lava flows have melted the glacier and mudflows are traveling down the slopes. A roar from the volcano and phreatic explosions have been heard by residents closeby.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii - John Seach

Three shallow earthquakes occurred in the upper east rift zone of Kilauea volcano on 24th May. The first earthquake, magnitude 4.7 occurred at 0913 am (local time) 2km under Puhimau crater. At 0933 am a magnitude 4.1 earthquake hit 1.5 km under Koko`olau crater, and a magnitude 3.9 earthquake hit down rift at 1051 am. The initial earthquake was the largest in the upper east rift zone in 50 years. The earthquakes are part of an earthquake cluster which began on May 12, 2007 and has hit the upper east rift, and southwest rift zones of Kilauea volcano. Lava has entered the sea at a new ocean entry at Poupou. This is located at the base of the Royal Gardens subdivision. Some lava is flowing outside the National Park boundary.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ritter Volcano, Papua New Guinea - John Seach

An eruption occurred at Ritter volcano in Papua New Guinea on Saturday 19th May 2007. Thousands of people on nearby Siassi Island (Umboi) have moved to higher ground after a tsunami hit the island and destroyed houses in Kabi and Kampalap villages. The event on Saturday was not preceded by measured seismic activity. Residents in West New Britain heard three explosions after 9pm Saturday.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Recent Volcanic Eruptions in Vanuatu - John Seach

Over the past month there have been eruptions at three volcanoes in Vanuatu. Ongoing eruptions are occurring at Yasur volcano on Tanna Island. Stromolian and mild Vulcanian eruptions are ejecting lava up to 300 m high. Several molten lava fragments have fallen close to observers on the crater rim, who are often unaware of potential risks at the volcano. Ash eruptions have been reported at Ambrym and Lopevi volcanoes in central Vanuatu.
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mt Etna Volcano, Italy - John Seach

New eruptions began at Mt Etna volcano on Sunday 29th April 2007. Lava fountains up to 200 m high occurred at SE crater. Lava from fractures at the base of SE crater flowed towards the Valle del Bove. This is the second eruption at Mt Etna in 18 days.
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