Thursday, October 08, 2009

Vanuatu Earthquakes and Tsunami 8th October 2009 - John Seach

Three major earthquakes hit northern Vanuatu this morning (8th October 2009). The first earthquake hit at 9:03 am local time 37 km west of the Torres Islands. This was followed at 9:18 am by magnitude 7.7 earthquake, and 10:13 am by magnitude 7.3 earthquake. A small tsunami was generated. Earthquakes of this size can affect nearby volcanoes. Active Vanuatu volcanoes close to the epicentre are Suretamatai, Gaua, Ambae, Ambrym, and Lopevi. Tinakula volcano is located north in the Solomon Islands. Gaua volcano in northern Vanuatu has been showing signs of increasing activity over the last week.
Volcanoes of Vanuatu...