Friday, March 13, 2009

Semeru Volcano, Indonesia - John Seach

Activity has decreased at Semeru volcano in Indonesia, but scientists have warned this may be a dangerous situation. Volcanologists from Indonesian Centre of Volcanology and Geology have advised residents living near Semeru volcano to remain aware of eruptions, despite signs that volcanic activity is receding. Eruptions have decreased from 63 on 8th March, 58 on 9th March and 41 on 10th March. This compares to an average of 150 eruptions on normal days. When Semeru erupted on 6th March, the crater was showing low activity, with ash to a height of 50 m, in contrast to an eruption in May last 2008 when emissions reached 700 m above the crater. A lack of activity may indicate Semeru is pressurising prior to a large eruption. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology often requests the latest reports on Semeru because of concerns for the safety of flights to Australia, which pass over the volcano. Ash containing high silica could pose risk to flights if it enters plane engines.
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