Saturday, March 14, 2009

Galeras Volcano, Colombia - John Seach

Galeras volcano in Colombia erupted on Friday 13th March (local time). forcing the evacuation of 3000 people. The explosive eruption occurred at 3:55 pm during a period of heavy rain and cloud which prevented visual observations. An eruption plume reached a height of 8 km above the summit, and drifted northwest. The seismic energy released was larger than the eruptions on 17th January 2008 and 14th February 2009, and and corresponds to about 75% of the energy released by the eruption of 20th January 2009.The eruption was heard from nearby communities of San Cayetano, Anganoy (Municipio de Pasto), San José de Bomboná and San Antonio (Municipio de Consacá). Ashfall was reported at Al Oriente Pasto (east and north), Anganoy, San Cayetano y Mapachico (north and northwest), Pachindo, Barranco, El Rodeo, the towns of Florida and Sandona. A strong smell of sulphurous gas has been reported in some areas.
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