Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chaiten Volcano, Chile - John Seach

Eruptive activity at Chaiten volcano in Chile was stable on 27th February. An eruption column rose to a height of less than 2 km. During the day there were minor collapses of the spine of the dome. The collapse events led to an increase in ash content of the plume. Small dome collapses were observed at at 17:39 hr, 18:44, 18:59 and 19:35, which was the largest. Eruption columns are irregular and periodic, and are composed of gas, ash, and water vapour. There have been no changes in seismic activity at Chaiten volcano. Two earthquakes were reported on 26th February - magnitude 3.2 at a depth of 15.1 km, and magnitude 3.3 at depth of 14.4 km. The volcanic alert level for Chaiten volcano remains ar RED, due to the possibility of further ash eruptions, dome collapse, pyroclastic flows, and lahars.
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