Friday, February 27, 2009

Chaiten Volcano, Chile - John Seach

Eruptive activity at Chaiten volcano in Chile remains unchanged. The southeast side of the summit lava dome remains unstable, and is liable to collapse. Dome growth continues, and a steep pinnacle has formed on the south side of the dome. Preliminary data indicates temperatures of about 270 º C at the pinnacle, and 200 º C in the southern remnant of the dome. This suggests that the magmatic activity is currently concentrated in the southern sector of the dome and at the pinnacle. Pyroclastic flow temperatures in the upper reaches of Chaiten River affected by avalanche is 130 deg C, 70 deg C in the middle of the river valley, and 50 deg C in the lower part. On 25th February at 10:30 hr, local time, there was a superficial magnitude 2.7 earthquake at Chaiten volcano.
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