Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Volcanic Eruption in Tonga

A volcanic eruption in Tonga has formed a new island between islands of Kao in the Ha'apai Group and Late in the Vava'u Group. The most likely location is Home Reef volcano. The captain of a fishing boat reported a new island near Home Reef, SW of Vava'u. It was described as "bigger than Fotuha'a", which is a nearby island of 134 people. There has been no official confirmation of the new island from either Tonga's Ministry of Lands or the Tonga Defence Service. The captain of another Maritime Projects fishing boat, had witnessed the actual emergence of the new island. Local fishermen sometimes see signs of volcanic activity west of Tonga. It is fairly common to see floating pumice after seismic activity. Fisherman report rumbling sounds occasionally when passing overundersea vents. The sounds are loud enough to wake up passengers.
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