Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great Japan Earthquake (Mag 8.9) and Tsunami - John Seach

Tsunamis from the great Japan earthquake have hit parts of the Pacific Ocean distant from the epicentre. Tsunami heights were 1.5 m in the Marquesas, 2.0 m Crescent City (California), 1.0 m Manus Island (Papua New Guinea), 1.4 m Hilo (Hawaii), 1.7 m Maui (Hawaii), 1.8 m Hokkaido (Japan), Vancouver Island (Canada), 1.3 m Midway Island, 0.65 m Saipan, and 0.7 m Vanuatu.
The Japan earthquake is the 5th largest recorded in the world. The top five earthquakes are: Chile mag 9.5 (1960), Prince William Sound, Alaska mag 9.2 (1964), Sumatra, Indonesia mag 9.1 (2004), and Kamchatka, Russia mag 9.0 (2004).
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