Friday, October 29, 2010

Sheveluch Volcano, Kamchatka - John Seach

Explosive and effusive eruptions continue at Sheveluch volcano in Kamchatka. On 28th October ash emissions reached a height of 23,000 ft. Seismic activity began to increase on 26th October, and a strong paroxysmal explosive eruption at the volcano occurred from 14:00 until 20:40 UTC on 27th October. The ash column reached a height of 40,000 ft. Satellite images showed the ash plumes extending 2,500 km east from the volcano on 27-28 October. Ashfall occurred at Ust-Kamchatsk from 18:00 UTC on 27th October until 03:00 UTC on 28th October. The airport and road from Ust-Kamchatsk to Kluchi were closed. The volcano is at level RED alert.
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