Friday, October 15, 2010

Piton de la Fournaise Volcano, Reunion - John Seach

An eruption began at Piton de la Fournaise volcano, Reunion at 7:10 pm (local time) on 14th October 2010. The eruption site was located at an elevation of 2000 m on the southern side of the volcano. The events have accelerated in the early afternoon. The seismic crisis (characterized by numerous earthquakes at the base of the volcano) began at 1:30 p.m.. It peaked at about 3 pm. A larger than average earthquake occurred at 2:50 pm, which resulted in collapse of the inner walls of Dolomieu crater. The seismic crisis, which reflects the rise of magma in the volcano edifice, has slowed after 3 pm. According to information provided by the Volcano Observatory, the eruption took place near the site known as "Ch√Ęteau-Fort".
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