Thursday, September 03, 2009

Kanlaon Volcano, Philippines - John Seach

There has been a large increase in volcanic earthquakes at Kanlaon volcano, Philippines. Between 23rd August and 1st September there were 257 earthquakes measured. This seismic activity is higher than the background levels, which usually varies from 0 to 4 events in 24 hour period. Two earthquakes were felt by residents surrounding the volcano. At 5:26 PM on August 23, 2009 one earthquake was felt at Intensity II in Barangay Ara-al, La Carlota City. A second earthquake at 10:27 PM on August 30, 2009 was felt at Intensity III in La Castellana and Intensity IV in La Carlotta City and Bago City. Epicenters of the earthquakes clustered at the north-west slope of the volcano. These earthquakes may indicate movements of an active local fault which may be caused by magma movement beneath the volcano. Surface observations did not indicate significant change in the steam emission from the crater. Since Kanlaon Volcano has a history of sudden steam-driven explosions without precursors, the public is reminded to avoid entering the 4 km Permanent Danger Zone. The status of Kanlaon Volcano is maintained at Alert Level 0.
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