Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dalaffilla Volcano, Ethiopia - John Seach

Satellite images have given conflicting results on the location of the eruption which began in northern Ethiopia on 4th November. ASTER satellite images show lava emitting from Alu fissure vents. MODIS satellite images indicate Dalaffilla stratovolcano. Wherever the lava originated from, it filled a depression between the two volcanoes and flowed north-east. Alu and Dalaffilla are essentially the same volcanic system being separated by only 3 km. It is rare for eruption sites so close to be named as separate volcanoes. The situation highlights the limitations in the definition and naming of volcanoes. At the other extreme there is Durango volcano in Mexico which covers 2100 sq km and contains 100 eruption sites, yet is called one volcano.
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