Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cerro Azul Volcano, Galápagos Islands - John Seach

Cerro Azul Volcano in the Galápagos Islands erupted on Friday 30th May after 10 years of inactivity. Seismic activity was felt at Porto Villamil at 21:43 hr at the onset of the eruption. A red glow was visible from the town indicating a lava flow. Ash emissions extended 75 nautical miles NW of the volcano. National park staff are currently performing an overflight to determine the extent of the eruption, and the impact on the flora and fauna of the area, including rare tortoises, which live near the crater. Initial information indicates lava flowed down the south side of the volcano. The last eruption in 1998 sent lava down the south side of the volcano burning several tortoises.
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