Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bulusan Volcano, Philippines - John Seach

Heavy rain caused lahars at Bulusan volcano in the Philippines last night. Nearly 200 residents in Irosin and Cogon were evacuated. Eruptions of Bulusan earlier this month created six new vents. Three vents were created on southeast slope and three on northwest slope. Residents are advised to stay away from the 4 km permanent exclusion zone. A press release from PHIVOLCS advises "Residents of areas beyond the (four-km permanent danger zone) that are downwind of the crater are likely to be affected by ashfalls during explosions. Furthermore, residents near river/ stream channels around the volcano should also be on alert against life-threatening volcanic mudflows (lahars) during heavy rains which might remobilize ash and loose deposits from the upper slopes."
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