Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ruapehu Volcano Lahar 2007, New Zealand - John Seach

A lahar occurred at Mt Ruapehu volcano this afternoon. A wall of debris 300 m long, consisting of trees, branches, and rocks flowed down the Whangaehu River at the front of the lahar. The Department of Conservation rated the lahar as moderate. The river level rose by 2 metres and temporarily closed a road. The lahar was caused by a small breach in Ruapehu crater lake wall, which released water for about 45 minutes. The partial collapse of the volcano crater lake rim set off emergency warning systems, and the lahar was tracked flowing down the mountain. About 200 train passengers were stranded when the northbound Overlander train was stopped at Waiouru. Passengers were transferred to busses to complete the journey. The lahar passed over farm land and headed towards the sea.
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