Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mayon Volcano, Philippines

Many people have been killed around Mayon volcano after heavy rain from typhoon Durian caused landslides and floods. Eruptions of Mayon volcano in August 2006 deposited large amounts of ash around the volcano. In Guinobatan, SW of the volcano 350 people were killed by volcanic mudflows. In Sto. Domingo, SE of Mayon, at least 112 died from landslides while some 118 residents remained missing. Eight villages at the foot of Mayon Volcano have been affected by mudslides and flash floods. Padang on the SE of Mayon was two-thirds covered by volcanic debris and boulders. Only the roofs of houses can be seen in the village. Locals say it has become a wasteland, and they call it a black desert, referring to the color of the volcanic debris that buried the village.
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